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Brough Superior
Custom Home Theater and Audio
HDMI: (High Definition Multimedia Interface) a digital audio/video format capable of passing 1080p video and lossless 7.1 surround
HDTV: (High Definition Television) a general term for video quality at and above 720p resolution. HDTV is recorded digitally.
Surround Sound: a term refering to the use of multiple channnels of audio to create a immerssion effect when watching a movie, sports,
television etc.
IR: (infrared) invisable light use by remote controls to send commands, can be blocked by any solid object.
RF: (radio frequency) radio waves used by remotes and other control sources to cummunicate commands, solid objects generally do
not effect RF but range and other RF interference can reduce effectiveness.
Plasma: flat panel TV that uses electrically charged gas bubbles (yes, plasma) and phosphors to produce a picture. Plasma general has
the best picture vs. price but the issue of burn-in, weight, and life expectancy make LCD an excellent choice in most situations.
LCD: (Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel TV that uses backlit LCD panels to produce a picture. LCD sets are constantly improving in
picture quality and reducing in price as more and more are produced. LCD has roughly twice the life expectancy and almost zero burn-
in potential as compared to plasma sets. LCD set are also considerably lighter in weight.
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